Nice to meet you. I'm George.

Graphic designer. Brit. Problem solver.

One-woman show turning blank pages into beautiful designs.


I am a Brit, born and raised in a tiny hamlet nestled in the Cotswold Hills of Gloucestershire - an inspiring landscape for anyone who loves to create. I might be from a small island nation, but I create big, beautiful designs!

For the past 10 years, I have worked as a graphic designer in Washington, D.C. Before all of that, I was a newspaper reporter and editor, and before all of that, I earned an MA in Media and Communications. 

I specialize in print design, with publication design as the bulk of my work. My editorial background means I can help you in a way other designers can't. I ensure all of the content is carefully pieced together so it flows, matches your brand identity and the message you are conveying is coherent. If you need help creating the content, I can do that too. 

There'll be lots of research (with tea) - of your organization, your competition, your audiences, and lots of listening (with biscuits) - to your goals, ideas, plans and frustrations. Put it all on the table and you'll get unique solutions in a brilliantly designed package.

I can't wait to work with you.

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Up on the Cotswold Way, above Winchcombe

Up on the Cotswold Way, above Winchcombe